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WP Plugins

Memberpress - Mailerlite

We extensively use Memberpress and Mailerlite on our sites as they have proven to give the best possible service at all times.

The only issue was no direct link between the two, in order to allocate Members to a Group.

The only way to do this automatically was to use Zapier – which we do not like.

So, we developed our own Plugin that has been tested and verified by Memberpress.

Install this Plugin in the normal way.

Allocate Memberships to your Mailerlite Groups at the Membership Set Up.

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WP Plugins

Memberpress - PayproGlobal

Our favourite Payment Processor is PayproGlobal.

They have outstanding Customer Service and an array of features that are perfect for many online businesses.

Memberpress is our goto Membership Plugin, so it made sense to combine the two.

PayproGlobal can handle all your payments and Memberpress will take care of the rest.

Install the Plugin in the normal way.

Remember to add the Product ID from PayproGlobal when you create your Membership in Memberpress.

Your Membership Set up should be the same as your product set up in PayproGlobal.

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Clicksend - Elementor Form

You must have Elementor Pro for this Plugin to work.

We use Clicksend as our SMS Service.

We also use Elementor as our Page Builder.

So, it made sense to combine them both in this Plugin.

It uses the normal Elementor form and ADDS the option for Clicksend as an “Action after Submit”.

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