Recommended Set Up

It is this simple.

Use a WordPress site and host it with someone like Siteground.

They specialise in WordPress hosting and have fantastic support.

You can set up staging sites to practice on before you make changes go live.

It is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to go.

Use a theme like Generatepress or Astra and install a Page Builder like Elementor.

The free versions will do enough for a basic site.

Go for the Pro versions if you want more flexibility.

If you are going to want to add courses etc at a later date then this would be the best route to go.


If you do not want to do everything yourself, then you have a couple of choices.

Get a freelancer to design and set up your site in html and css.

You can get this done for a few hundred dollars as long as you provide all the images and text etc.

Or, get them to set everything up in WordPress for you – depending on your requirements, this could be as little as a few hundred dollars as well.

The more “stuff” you need and the more pages you want to display, then the more it costs!

DO NOT go the route of spending thousands of dollars with an “expert” who tries to blind you with the “science of SEO”.

99.99% of all that is total BS.

A properly built site has the correct SEO anyway… you DO NOT NEED those “experts”. 

If a web builder guy says you need SEO on top.. then his web building is crap – find someone else!

Or, make the smart move and ask us to help!