Membership Software

We have tried all the various types of membership software that are out there.

They fall into 2 categories in our humble opinion.

  1. Good for most people and pretty easy to set up
  2. Can do anything and has a massive learning curve


This falls into category 1. It is pretty straightforward to set up and is fairly basic, but does everything most people will need, very well. the support is also top notch.


This falls into category 2.
Thankfully amember will install this for you and connect it to your wordpress installation.
Amember is INCREDIBLY powerful and can do far more than any other membership software we have seen.
The built in features are incredible and the range of features are unequalled anywhere.
Support is the best we have ever seen.
We can't recommend this enough.
There is a HUGE learning curve and the documentation sucks big time.
This may be when you have us do this for you!