Memberpress & Mailerlite Instructions

1 Upload and install the Plugin to your WP installation in the usual way and remember to activate the plugin.

2 Goto your Mailerlite Account to get your API Key.

Accounts >>> Integrations

Then Click on Use

This opens up and shows your API Key.

Copy this key

3 Now go to your Memberpress installation.

a) Memberpress >>> Settings >>> Marketing

b) Paste your API Key

c) Click Update options

You will see a GREEN SUCCESS Message

4 To set the Mailerlite list for a Memberpress Membership.

a) Goto Memberships and click the Advanced Tab

You will see a drop down list of your Groups / Lists at Mailerlite.

b) Choose the one for that membership and REMEMBER TO SAVE CHANGES.

Now, every time someone purchases that membership, they will AUTO be added to your Mailerlite List